Question how do you explain the lines in emission

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Unformatted text preview: en through a prism. Question: How do you explain the lines in emission spectra? atoms give off energy when heated or electrically excited. light given off by them is not in a continuous distribution of wave lengths rather are in the form of lines- called line spectrum. CLIP when energized electrons moves to a higher energy level, when they go back to lower energy level- they emit light in the form of light which produces characteristic emission spectrum. the distance b/w energy level is different for every element. 4 2 05-Sep-13 5 This leads us to the electromagnetic spectrum, the relationship between wavelength and frequency. As a person in science, I should know . 1. Order of colours in the visible spectrum. ROYGBIV 2. The span of visible wavelengths in nm. 380- 780 nm red blue ___________ has a higher frequency and shorter wavelength than ____________ frequency increases from right to left wavelength increases from left to right 6 3 05-Sep-13 Let’s talk about the dual nature of light: synosoidal wave CLIP 1. It can be described in terms of a wave, i.e., it possesses wavelength, frequency, and amplitude,...
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