N1 ground or lowest energy orbit the values of n are

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Unformatted text preview: nciple quantum number (known as n) _____________________________________. n=1-->ground or lowest energy orbit • The values of n are integers 1,2,3, etc. with n = 1 representing the orbit closest to the nucleus. 17 Absorption and emission energy if n= 3,4,5 or 6, comes back to 2second allowable energy level--visible region.colors will be different for different orbitals. minimum- infinity • Calculated orbital energies will always be negative. • The more negative the value, the more stable the orbit. The most stable orbit is for n = 1 (ground state). • When an e- is not in the lowest available orbit it is in an second allowable energy level. _______________________. • The energy is negative as it takes energy to unbind (ionize) the e- from the nucleus. • An unbound electron has zero (binding) energy. n=1 to n=2--give off light in UV region. if goes from n=2 to 1--UV again. from allowable range to ground state will always yield UV light. principle quantum no. 18 9 05-Sep-13 from outer to 1 from outer to 2 from outer to 3 19 Absorption and emission energy (cont) Bohr completed his model by concluding that the electron could “jump” from on...
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