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2 electrons fill orbitals starting with the lowest n

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Unformatted text preview: umber, Z ____________. 2. Electrons fill orbitals starting with the lowest n and moving upwards, with no more than two electrons per orbital (Aufbau principle) Aufbau means to build up in German. 3. No two electrons can fill one orbital with the same spin (Pauli’s exclusion principle). if they have the same spin. 4. degenerate Hund’s Rule: for ___________ orbitals, e- fill each orbital singly before any orbital gets a 2nd e-, i.e., e- are distributed in amongst the orbitals of a subshell in such a way as to yield the maximum number of unpaired e-. if u have 3 orbitals and 3 electrons--> each orbital will get one electron. prior to adding a second electron, u have to make sure that all orbitals have atleast one electron. Electron spin and the Pauli Exclusion Principle So far we have encountered three quantum numbers: n, l, and ml. However, as scientists applied the quantum-mechanic model to experimental data they discovered it was not quite right. There was something missing. Consider the Stern-Gerlach experiment: they found that electrons...
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