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As electrons get to higher and higher energy levels

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Unformatted text preview: be near the nucleus. As electrons get to higher and higher energy levels, the harder it sub shell is to locate them because the radius of the ________________ is greater. Thus, the probability of locating an electron will be more difficult. 16 05-Sep-13 Radial Probability Graphically 2s 2s sub shell- most probable location. Penetration Distance from nucleus Radial Probability Graphically 3s Distance from nucleus 17 05-Sep-13 Radial Probability Graphically we find that 3s is more apt to be found near the nucleus. total area under the curves signifies that if we construed these areasit will be found in the following area of the curve. 3p Distance from nucleus Graphically Radial Probability broad distribution of 3d. 3d Distance from nucleus 18 05-Sep-13 Radial Probability Graphically 4s 3d Distance from nucleus Summary • Zeff is always less than the charge on the nucleus because inner electrons shield or screen the outer electron. • In a many-electron atom, for a given value of n, Zeff sub shell decreases with increasing value of l. • The larger the value of Zeff for an electron, the more stable it is. as it is feeling the pull by the protons. • In a many-electron atom, for a given value of n, the energy of an orbital increases with increasing value of l. 19...
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