Effective nuclear charge shielding and penetration we

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Unformatted text preview: and penetration We must first consider the forces between electrons and nature of the orbitals involved. Helium- will have 2+ charge. if they have 1 e-, it will be extremely difficult to remove. pulled by 2 protons. regular helium- pulled in by 2 p 2 e- are repellent also at the same time. ion is more stable. lethium 3+ charge. repulsion is also there b/w electrons. if u remove two from Le. electron is difficult to remove. core electrons are the ones which r difficult to remove. 14 05-Sep-13 Polyelectronic atoms – 3 energy considerations (momentum) • The kinetic energy of moving electrons • The potential energy of the attraction between the nucleus and the electrons. • The potential energy from repulsion of electrons in an atom • Each electron is affected by the attraction of the nucleus and the repulsion of the electrons, which leads to an Z eff effective nuclear charge (___________________) positive • Zeff is the net ________________ charge experienced (or ‘perceived’) by an e- in a multi-electron atom. • We can use Zef...
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