The experiment involves sending a beam of particles

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Unformatted text preview: have a spin like earth. The experiment involves sending a beam of particles through a magnetic field (particles-electrons) and observing their deflection. The results show that particles possess an angular momentum analogous to a spinning object, but that takes only one of two values. a +ve half spin or -ve half spin. 2 05-Sep-13 The Pauli exclusion principle • Electrons behave as if they spin as tiny magnets. on an axis. • According to the Pauli exclusion principle, only electrons spinning in opposite directions (indicated by ↑ and ↓) can occupy the same orbital within a subshell. • A fourth quantum number, the electron spin quantum number ________________________, (established ms, was established and assigned possible values of +1/2 and -1/2. by Pauli) recap: size of the orbital-shell(n), shape of the orbital- subshell (l), orientation of the orbital(ml), electron spin (ms). 3 of these can be identical but the 4th cannot. The Pauli Exclusion Principle: No two electrons in an atom can have the same set of four qu...
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