The ground state atom of one element has only two s

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Unformatted text preview: as only two s electrons in its valence shell, and no d electrons anywhere in its configuration. The other element has d electrons in its configuration. The elements are: neither of these contain dae-Mg and Ca . K has 1 electron in valence shell b. K and Rb 2 valence in Ca c. Ca and Sr d. Al and Ga 13 05-Sep-13 Orbital energy in polyelectronic atoms Let’s look at the orbital energy diagrams for a many-electron atom. What do you notice?? 3d has a higher energy energy level then 4s. 4p is more energetic then 3p.4s is closer to the nucleus. more stable. Na- 2 eNeon- 10 e-,10 p+ all these electrons are feeling the pull of protons. increase no. of protons- more attraction for electrons. 4s e- will feel the pull of nucleus then more then it is closer. this logic also applies to 5s and 4d, 5p and 4d, 5e and 4f. So what’s going on??? Answer: A 4s orbital shape penetrates closer to the nucleus than does a 3d shape, so it is screened less from the nuclear charge and therefore gains extra stability relative to the 3d orbital. Effective nuclear charge, shielding,...
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