The outer energy levels penetrate the inner levels so

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Unformatted text preview: he outer energy levels penetrate the inner levels so the shielding of the core electrons is not totally effective. • From most penetration to least penetration, the order is ns > np > nd > nf (within the same energy level) • This is what gives us our order of filling, with electrons sub shells. preferring s and p ___________________ Radial probability distribution it describes the probability where the electron is most likely to be found. • Describes s orbital will be closer then the p orbital. 2s electron can never be as far as p orbital. • • • • the probability of finding where an e- is mostly likely going to be in an atom. The higher the penetration, the higher probability of finding an electron near the nucleus. As shown in the following graphs, electrons of the s orbitals are found closer to the nucleus than the p orbital electrons. Likewise, the lower the energy level an electrons is located in, the higher chance it is found to be near the nucleus. The smaller the energy level (n) and the orbital angular momentum quantum number (l) of an e- is, the more likely it will...
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