food security- more then a determinant of health

Hence risk facbe buffered by more responsive income

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Unformatted text preview: portion of those resources available The consequences of such declines can of decreased government transfer payfor food acquisition. Hence, risk facbe buffered by more responsive income ments and lower real labour-market tors include factors that limit employassistance and employment market earnings. ment opportunities, wage and benefit policies. Welfare rates do recognize the scales and social assistance benefits, or 2. We must protect the affordability of presence of children within housethat increase nondiscretionary, nonhealthy foods, particularly food staples holds, although the overall rates are food expenditures such as the cost of such as milk. Food banks were initially insufficient and fall well below the housing and utilities, health care, established as an emergency response poverty line. In contrast, wages in taxes, child care and the likelihood of to a perceived hunger crisis. Food Canada do not recognize family size emergencies. The clear connections P 50 OPTIONS POLITIQUES MARS 2003 Food security: more than a determinant of health 6. Lastly, we need a hunger and food insebanks are now accepted as part of an be time for Canada to adopt a food curity monitoring system—not to survey institutionalized, albeit voluntary, netstaples policy that supports opportumisery but to determine progress, detework of food distribution. It is impornities for healthy eating among its rioration or shifts among those affecttant to emphasize that food banks have most vulnerable citizens. ed. In turn, a food security policy lens not been incorporated into public poli3. Because food needs give way to shelter must be applied to social policies to cy and are not a policy solution. The needs in the poorest households, affordensure that they reduce genuine inadequacy of food banks as a source of able housing is urgently required. hunger rather than exacerbate it. quality food assistance has been repeat4. In families with children, lack of The data presented for this paper edly shown. Community-based food affordable, high-quality day care is often have been assembled by individual assistance programs have similarly a significant barrier to employment. effort and through the retrieval of disfailed to demonstrate that they support 5. In self-sufficiency demonstration projparate sources. Canada’s Nutrition Plan healthy diets among recipients. They ects, work-related supports, the provision of Action and other documents and represent a poor policy alternative to of health and recreation services, and lobbying efforts by nonthe family purchase of governmental bodies such as healthy foods. It may be time for Canada to adopt the National Institute of Many developing countries monitor and support a food staples policy that supports Nutrition have repeatedly called for a system...
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