food security- more then a determinant of health

Among its most vulnerable citizens eye to rapid

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Unformatted text preview: atic monitorthe price of food staples, e.g., opportunities for healthy eating ing of food insecurity with an tortilla flour in Mexico. among its most vulnerable citizens. eye to rapid policy translation. Canada’s marketing board Food security is perhaps policies protect the supply of the most precious of all determinants staples and the incomes of producers, other forms of transitional assistance of health. If we make the necessary but not the affordability of food stahave shown promise. These types of investments, we can reap a food secuples for consumers. Fluid milk is one employment support programs should be rity dividend that enriches all of socieexample. Despite its superior nutriwidely disseminated. ty with payoffs in health, social capitional value, inadequate consumption This grouping of recommendatal, sustainability of our physical and of milk products is consistently tions speaks to the determinants of social environments, justice, and cost observed in low-income populations. food insecurity and, together, they are savings and wealth creation. In milk-friendly low-income families, the subjects of wide policy debate. it is clear that programs or policies There is strong evidence supporting Dr. Lynn McIntyre is a professor in the must be made affordable and accessitheir contributions individually and Faculty of Health Professions at Dalhousie ble in order to reduce environmental collectively to poverty reduction and University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. barriers to milk consumption. It may improved life quality. COMING SOON/DISPONIBLE BIENTÔT money, politics and health care Reconstructing the FederalProvincial Partnership T his collection of essays, based on work prepared for the Romanow Commission, analyzes key issues in federal-provincial health-care relations, especially the fiscal component. It begins with an essay on why there is a federal role in health care. POLICY OPTIONS MARCH 2003 51...
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