Math 135 Week 12 Lecture Notes Bittenger 10th

2 54 probability objective verify certain properties

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Unformatted text preview: x x +1 2 x 2 e−3 x dx ex ( ex + 1) 2 dx Math 135 Class Notes – Week 12 Bittenger 10th Ed. 2 5.4 Probability OBJECTIVE: Verify certain properties of probability density functions. Solve applied problems involving probability density functions. Experimental and Theoretical Probability Example 1: Suppose a single card is drawn from a standard deck of playing cards. Find each of the following probabilities: a. getting a jack b. getting a 7 of diamonds c. getting a club d. getting a red card Example 2: An jar contains 4 red balls, 3 green balls, 5 black balls and 6 blue balls, all the same size and weight. One ball is selected without looking. Find the probability of selecting a. Selecting a red ball. b. Selecting a red ball or a green ball. c. Selecting a ball that is not blue. Conti...
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