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550 bce p priestly end of 6th c bce israelites return

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Unformatted text preview: 550 BCE • P (Priestly): end of 6th c. BCE Israelites return from Exile in Babylon; there was then an attempt by the priestly class to reinvigorate and restore worship; part of effort was to create a unified history of Israel; these priests gave the Pentateuch its final form ; (ca. 500400 BCE) and added legal materials related to worship and genealogical listsmaterial in the Genesis creation stories believed to be a blend of Yahwist (Gen. 2-3) and Priestly material (Gen. 1); there is no E or D material in Gen. 1-3 • he stories of the Pentateuch are united by a single theme: a cycle of rebellion/ disobedience, punishment, mercy Gen 1:1 - 2:4a Gen 2:4b-3:24 Name Elohim (God) LORD God (Yahweh Elohim) View Majestic, creation by word anthropormorphic Structure 6 days working, one day rest Loose, a narrative, tensions, no balance, no careful symmetry Creation From watery chaos (formless void with darkness) Dry desert (2:5) watered by a stream Order Light, heaven, earth, vegetation, sun, moon, stars, sea creatures, birds, land animals, humanity (male and female together) Earth, water, humans, vegetation, animal life, (man and woman separately, first male then female)...
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