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Unformatted text preview: B. C. E.) (587 Name for God: Elohim (God) View of Deity more majestic; calls things into View existence (“and God said”) existence Structure: creates for six days & then takes a Structure: day of rest day Creation begins with a watery chaos Order: light, heaven, earth, vegetation, sun, Order: moon, stars, animals and humanity moon, The Neo-Babylonian Empire The h (6tth century B. C. E.) century The City of Babylon: The Ishtar Gate The The City of Babylon: The The Ziggurat of the Temple of Marduk Second Creation Story (2:4b - 3:22) Second Name for God: LORD God (Yahweh Elohim) View of Deity: Less abstract; God is more View human-like and has a name (later suppressed) human-like Structure: loose, a narrative; no ordering, no Structure: balance, no careful symmetry balance, Creation begins with dry desert Order: earth , water, humans, vegetation, Order: animals; man & woman created separately Similarities of Second Creation Story to Mesopotamian Myth Mesopotamian God makes man (Adam) out of dust (adamah) as in one God (Adam as Babylonian Creation story Babylonian God not the serpent, tricks man out of immortality, like God the myth of Adapa, the first man, in Mesopotamia Knowledge about good and evil (i.e. everything) and Knowledge eternal life are two fundamental characteristics of gods eternal Gods also wear clothes; both Apada and Adam and Eve Gods are presented with clothes as a compensation for missing out on divine status LILITH Importance of the Generations (toledot) Guarantee the identity of the Israelites and Guarantee how they are to be distinguished from other people. Provi...
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