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Unformatted text preview: de a way of understanding social Provide relationships and the world around them. relationships Period of the Ancestors Period They are the ancestors of the Israelites Abraham is the first ancestor (11:27 -32) Abraham His story begins with the generations of his His family (1127-32) family The Story of Abraham The Abraham called by God 12:1-12:9 Abraham Adventures of Abraham and Sarah; God promised Adventures Canaan to Abraham’s descendants 12:9 -14:24 Canaan God makes contracts with Abraham who seals them God with circumcision of all the males of his household 15:18:16 15:18:16 Adventures of Abraham’s nephew Lot etc. 18:16 – 20-1:8 At a great age, Sarah gives birth to an heir 21:1 -24 God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son; God spares son and promises greatness to his descendants 22:1- 4 22:1- Death and burial of Sarah 23:1-20 Death THE DOCUMENTARY HYPOTHESIS THE • Scholars faced with these literary phenomena came up with an explanation for how the Pentateuch was formed; it is mixture of four traditions • J (Yahwist): version one of the “Old Epic” stretching from Creation to the Exodus; uses the name of Yahweh for God; composed in southern Israel in time of King Solomon or shortly thereafter (ca. 950 BCE) • E (Elohist): version two of the “Old Epic”; uses the name Elohim for God; written ca. 750 BCE after the ten northern tribes split from the two southern tribes; many of the stories of Abraham come from this source • D (Deuteronomist): ca. 650 BCE a book of the law was found in the Jerusalem Temple; scholars think this was Deuteronomy; mostly laws in sermonic form; joined to the other texts ca....
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