Broadcast History for J 101 Rev 10 2 2013

1898 1898 broadcastjournalismwas born

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Unformatted text preview: nd long sounds, representing letters, which spelled words, that might signal, for instance, That a ship had hit an iceberg and was sinking. 1898 1898 Broadcast journalism was born. The word ‘broadcasting’ was a farming term. Farmers ‘broad cast’ their seeds by flinging them through the air over a wide area. 1898 1898 Marconi’s wireless company provided minute – by – minute coverage of a boat race ­ the Kingstown Regatta. Wireless Telegraphy. Morse Code. No voices. Tiny audience. But “it was news, and it was heard over the air.” 1901 – The First Voice Broadcast 1901 – The First Voice Broadcast Was made by: Reginald Fessenden in his Pittsburgh laboratory. His ‘Christmas Surprise’ came five years later. 1906 –On Christmas Eve he broadcast music and poetry – and was heard by the wireless operator of the S.S. Kroonland 1909 – First Regularly Scheduled News 1909 – First Regularly Scheduled News Reports W...
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