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Broadcast History for J 101 Rev 10 2 2013

Canyouhaveforgotten howwithhisvoicehe

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Unformatted text preview: – free of charge. They brought in music … And entertainers … And even the voice of the President of the United States Radio Radio President Franklin Roosevelt realized something very important about radio. Radio allows millions of people to hear what you say. But if you speak the right way … You can make each listener feel as if you are speaking just to her – just to him. Radio Radio So President Roosevelt didn’t give speeches on the radio. He gave what he called ‘Fireside Chats’. He explained his plans. And in the midst of the worst financial crisis in American history, he offered reassurance. Fireside Chats Fireside Chats The first fireside chat discussed Banking. It began with two important words: “My Friends…” Let’s listen to part of it: Fireside Chats Fireside Chats "I never saw him ­ but I knew him. Can you have forgotten how, with his voice, he came into our house, the...
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