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Broadcast History for J 101 Rev 10 2 2013

Individualstations joinednetworks

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Unformatted text preview: AND GENTLEMEN OH! DEMPSEY COMES ON WITH A RIGHT – HE’S GOT TUNNEY AGAINST THE ROPES ­ THERE’S ANOTHER RIGHT LANDING ON THE CHAMPION’S JAW … TUNNEY IS DOWN! TUNNEY IS DOWN! 1921 1921 Sports came to radio. The first ones were Boxing matches. The baseball World Series was broadcast for the first time in 1921. 1927 – Federal Radio Act 1927 – Federal Radio Act Created the Federal Radio Commission. Which brought order to what had become broadcasting chaos. The FRC licensed stations to operate in the “public interest, convenience and necessity”. Soon Radio Became A Part Soon Radio Became A Part of Many American’s Daily Lives Radio Radio The new medium thrived financially. Individual stations joined networks … Which produced popular programs … Which made money through paid advertisements called commercials. Radio Radio Radios brought the world into people’s homes...
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