Broadcast History for J 101 Rev 10 2 2013

Thefirstoneswere boxingmatches

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Unformatted text preview: T WE WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU TO LET US KNOW IF THIS BROADCAST IS REACHING YOU. PLEASE DROP US A CARD ADDRESSED TO STATION K­D­K­A, WESTINGHOUSE, EAST PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA. 1921 – Harding Inaugural Address 1921 – Harding Inaugural Address 1920s 1920s Radio news began with … Announcers reading newspaper stories over the air. Radio stations were created by … Department Stores, Newspapers, Universities. They broadcast … Mainly Music and Lectures. 1921 1921 Sports came to radio. The first ones were Boxing matches. DEMPSEY’S OUT THERE , LEADING HIM. DEMPSEY’S OUT THERE , LEADING HIM. HE TUCKS INTO TUNNNEY WITH BOTH HANDS AS THEY COME OUT OF THE CLINCH TUNNEY’S RIGHT HAND HITS DEMPSEY ON THE FACE AND TUNNEY – TUNNEY WITH A HARD LEFT AGAIN. HE FOLLOWS THAT UP WITH A LEFT TO JACK’S JAW – AND DEMPSEY COMES BACK WITH A HARD RIGHT TO TUNNEY’S FACE. HE FELT THAT – HE FELT THAT , LADIES...
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