Math1100Syllabus - Course Syllabus Math 1100(The Nature of...

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Course Syllabus Math 1100 (The Nature of Mathematics) Louisiana State University—Baton Rouge Instructor: Robert Perlis Lockett Hall 212 Tel: (225) 578-1673 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Daily 11:30AM—12:30PM or by appointment. Welcome to Math 1100! My name is Dr. Perlis, and I will be your teacher this semester. Our class meets promptly at 8:10 am Monday and Wednesday in the Campbell Auditorium in what used to be called the "gym" but now is called the "Cox Academic Center." Please be in your seat and ready to begin at 8:10 am. The University Registrar asks that NO FOOD NOR DRINK be brought into Campbell auditorium. At 9:30am another class will be waiting to enter the auditorium from the entrance facing the Journalism building, so please exit to your left (the north exit) when class is dismissed. Some of you may already have heard of service-learning, which is learning by doing. It is a partnership between using ideas from the course to help others, and reflecting on that experience to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the course material. This semester there is an opportunity for 100 of you to earn extra credit by tutoring math in grades 1-5 in one of the local elementary schools (Dufrocq, Melrose, and Twin Oaks). Students who choose to participate in this opportunity must commit to tutoring six times (once a week for six weeks) between October 2 and December 1. You will receive training and you will have fun, but once you join you are not allowed to drop out and disappoint a schoolchild. You can earn up to 100 extra points for participating (for details, see the Service Learning Guide in course documents). There is not a lot of work involved, but you must be willing to make a commitment of time, have a good attitude,
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Math1100Syllabus - Course Syllabus Math 1100(The Nature of...

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