Eliminate all connectives p q rewritten as p v q 3

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Unformatted text preview: Eliminate all ↔ connectives (P ↔ Q) rewritten as ((P → Q) ∧ (Q → P)) 2. Eliminate all → connectives (P → Q) rewritten as (~P v Q) 3. Reduce the scope of each negation symbol to a single predicate ~~P rewritten as P ~~P ~(P v Q) rewritten as ~P ∧ ~Q ~(P ∧ Q) rewritten ~P v ~Q ~(∀x)P rewritten as (∃x)~P ~(∃x)P rewritten as (∀x)~P 4. Standardize variables: rename all variables so that each quantifier has its own unique variable name CS 460, Session 18 13 Skolemization Step 5 – Complicated by Quantifiers CS 460, Session 18 14 Final Steps of Converting sentences to clausal form 6. Remove universal quantifiers by (1) moving them all to the left end; (2) making the scope of each the entire sentence; and (3) dropping the “prefix” part Ex: (∀x)P(x) ==> P(x) 7. Put into c...
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