Separate into different clauses that contain only

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Unformatted text preview: on 18 10 Conjunctive normal form 8. Separate into different clauses that contain ONLY disjunction 9. Standardize variables so that each clause uses different variables CS 460, Session 18 11 Converting to clausal form • The canonical (standard) form for resolution is Conjunctive Normal Form (conjunction of disjunctions), or equivalently, Implicative Normal Form (conjunction implies disjunction) • Once you have the CNF, conversion to INF is relatively easy • For example, say the CNF sentence is: • ¬A(x) ˅ ¬B(y) ˅ C(y) ˅ D(y,z) • Implicative Normal Form: Uses only positive literals • Group all the negative literals into the left side of the implication • A(x) ∧ B(y) → C(y) ˅ D(y,z) CS 460, Session 18 12 Converting sentences to clausal form 1....
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