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2 as the degrees of freedom k increase the t

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Unformatted text preview: ormal vs. t-distribution McCombs Properties of the t distributions - continued Q.2 As the degrees of freedom (k) increase, the t distribution moves . . . . . . the Standard Normal distribution. (a) farther away from (b) closer to Correct answer: closer to Normal vs. t-distribution Recall d.f. = k = n − 1, as n increases the CLT ensures that the distribution with σ < ∞ tends to the normal distribution. Applet: http:// demonstrations.wolfram.com/ ComparingNormalAndStudentsTDistributions/ Rafael Mendoza Elementary Business Statistics – Class 14 McCombs Calculating critical t-values What is t∗ for a 95% confidence interval if the sample size is 5? Rafael Mendoza Elementary Business Statistics – Class 14 McCombs Using TINV function t∗ =TINV(probability, degfreedom) where t-Inverse: returns t∗ such that P (|t| > t∗ ) = (1 − C ) probability: total probability we want in both tails (for a 95% CI, it is 0.05)...
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