What is the equivalent ci for 2776 t4 applet

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Unformatted text preview: degfreedom=n − 1 t∗ =TINV(0.05,5-1)=2.776. Q. If we were to know σ , the we would had used the Normal Distrib. What is the equivalent CI for 2.776? t(4) Applet: http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/ StudentsTDistributionAndItsNormalApproxi 0.025 0.025 5 4 3 2 1 0 Rafael Mendoza Elementary Business Statistics – Class 14 1 2 t* 3 4 5 McCombs The difference between population means? Why are we interested in the difference between population means? Retail stores might be interested in how much more (or less), on average, a woman spends on a typical purchase occasion than a man. Which airline company has less average delay on Houston-Austin route? Does mailing coupons increase or decrease the average amount spent on a product? Do husbands react to car sales presentations more positively than their wives? Rafael Mendoza Elementary Business Statistics – Class 14 McCombs Paired Sample Design Samples we want to compare are paired in some natural way Pretest-posttest for each person, husband-wife pairs Paired Sample Analyze the differences for each pair using the standard CI arguments Excel Example: Husband and wife reactions to Sales Presentations You can use Excel or StatTools to compute the confidence interval Excel Example: Stocks Rafael Mendoza Elementary Business Statistics...
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