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AASP200-Notes Feb6 Historical Stereotypes and African History Origins -traced back to classical era writers in Europe -language used to denigrate -Greco-Roman Era -shift in generalizations -apply physical characteristics onto Africans -began to look at color in their stereotype -began to differentiate between black and white -Renaissance brought back classical view -began outlooks on inferiority -inferiority=blackness -Christian Era: Biblical Stereotypes -Book of Genesis: Story of Noah and Ham -being cursed=being black -Enlightenment Era: intellectual movement -age of philosophers, age of reason -inferiority became intellectualized -by people such as David Hume, Georg Hegel; European Philosophical Thrust -“naturally inferior” -Social Darwinian Era: 19 th Century -Darwin’s theory: evolution of species 1860 -applied to Africa by Social Darwinists such as Spencer, Gobineau (Essay on Inequality ), as a “Master Race Theory” -Seligmanic Era -split into Hamitic Africa -Egypt not an African civilization, but a civilization of the eastern Hamites who were Caucasian -and Negroid Africa Notable people and stereotypes
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-Herodotus: father of History -in attempt to explain African culture, sowed seeds of racial prejudice that would continue and grow -frequently referred to Africans as barbarians -insulted language of Liberians -Solinus: described Ethiopia as monstrous, compared them to beasts -in his book A Collection of Wonderful Things -Frank Snowden: Blacks in Antiquity -Francis Galton: Hereditary Genius , 1869 -Rudyard Kipling, The White Man’s Burden Feb13 Sources for the Reconstruction of African History -written records and what they reveal -Egyptian Hieroglyphics: world’s oldest written language ~3kBC -Hieroglyphs revealed external invasions -First the Hyksos Invasion -then the Greeks* (*Ptolemaic Dynasty) -and then the Romans -3100BC, Political system was based on Dynastic rule -30 Dynasties -Centralization of power ~ King Menes unified Egypt -Egyptian rulers were anthropomorphic: had a dual role as humans and gods -insular civilization : built from within - math, science -used to build pyramids (Saqqara [first pyramid built]) -agriculture (around the Nile Delta area: Fayum, Merimdeh, Luxor)
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AASP200-Notes2 - AASP200-Notes Feb6 Historical Stereotypes...

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