Chapter Two_ Research Methods in IO Psychology

Observation is one procedure for measuring research

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Unformatted text preview: people in the right work settings ◦ Research variables that are operationalized are clearly defined so that they may be concretely measured. ‣ We need to be able to articulate what we are researching • i.e.: what does it mean to be a "team player" being explicit! ◦ Observation is one procedure for measuring research variables ‣ Obtrusive observation is research observation in which the presence of the observer is known to the participants. ‣ In contrast, unobtrusive observation is observation in which the presence of the observation in which the presence of the observer is not known to the participants • i.e.: cameras in the classroom or a secret shopper in the workplace ‣ Be mindful of an observer bias and /or an observer effect. • observer bias: when a researcher goes in and has expectations of what he/she sees and observers • observer effect: situations like the Hawthorne Effect ◦ Self-Report Techniques are measurement methods that rely on research participants' reports of their own behaviors or attitudes ‣ Surveys (most popular research method in the workplace) are a common selfreport measure in which participants are asked to report on their attitudes, beliefs, and / or behaviors • Be mindful of word choices and a courtesy bias ◦ word choice: words have connotative (cultural, individual) meanings. ◦ courtesy bias: the more sensitive the topic the more careful ◦ Interpreting and Using Research Results; should be considered when determining a method ‣ Internal validity (control) is the extent to which extraneous or confounding variables are removed ‣ External validity (generalizability) refers to whether research results obtained in one setting will apply to another setting. ◦ Ethical Issues in Research and Practice in I/O Psychology ‣ The American Psychological Association lists several core principals that should guide the ethical conduct of research in psychology, including I/O Psychology. • ie: researching sexual assaults in the military will cause uneasiness because it is a touchy topic, however, putting someone in a 150 degree temperature room is unethical. ‣ One key element in working with human participants is obtaining informed consent. ‣ With informed consent, a research participant is fully informed of the nature of the experiment and has the right to not participate....
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