Chapter Two_ Research Methods in IO Psychology

True experiment must have manipulation of an iv and

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Unformatted text preview: to ethical concerns. ‣ IRB = Institutional Review Board = they check research proposals for ethical concerns ◦ Design might lack random assignment and/or manipulation of independent variable. ◦ True Experiment = must have manipulation of an IV and must be randomly assigned ◦ The correlational method is a research method that examines the relationship among or between variables as they occur naturally. ‣ Advantage is that a correlational study might be easier to implement in a particular setting because we are not worrying about manipulation of an IV or random assignment. (Aimed at analyzing RELATIONSHIPS between variables; i.e.: cortizone shot vs. energy vs. the fact that ms. christie loves to teach which causes her to be passionate and have a lot of energy about the subject.) • Statistics Showing Relationships: Correlation ◦ Does not show causation because of extraneous variables ◦ Correlation Coefficient ‣ Sign = Direction • Positive ◦ variables change in the same direction • Negative ◦ variables change in opposite directions • Number = Magnitude / Strength ◦ closer the coefficient is to 1, the stronger the relationship * Sign tells you one story, numbers tell you something else ◦ Meta-analysis is a technique that allows results from several different research studies to be combined and summarized ‣ i.e.: many researchers going out doing experiments and you have the results compiled into one summary. (many analyses into one summary) ‣ Meta-analyses typically rely on indicators of effect size, or estimates of the magnitude of the relationship or effect found in a research investigation. ◦ The case study is a descriptive investigation that involves a one-time assessment of behavior ‣ May provide rich, descriptive information about work behaviors and settings ‣ May be time-consuming however. ‣ i.e.: military personnel needing a highly structured employer/workplace. It is important that we conduct these case studies in order to place these...
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