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Unformatted text preview: f the dollar. In the short run, we would expect a. the price level and real GDP both to rise. b. the price level and real GDP both to fall. c. the price level and real GDP both to stay the same. d. All of the above are possible. 2 Name: ________________________ ID: A 9. Which of the following alone can explain the change in the price level and output during World War II? a. aggregate demand shifted right b. aggregate demand shifted left c. aggregate supply shifted right d. aggregate supply shifted left 10. According to the misperceptions theory of the short‐run aggregate supply curve, if a firm thought that inflation was going to be 4 percent and actual inflation was 2 percent, then the firm would believe that the relative price of what it produces had a. increased, so it would increase production. b. increased, so it would decrease production. c. decreased, so it would increase production. d. decreased, so it woul...
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