ECON252 Syllabus Fall 2013


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Unformatted text preview: flict with another exam (documented by the instructor of that class), please notify Bree at least one week before the scheduled exam. We will make arrangements for you to take a multiple choice makeup exam before the regularly scheduled exam takes place. If you must miss an interim exam due to illness (documented by a physician) or a death in the family, the weight of the missed exam will be added to your final exam. Notify Bree within 24 hours of the missed exam, including the appropriate documentation. Documentation of any missed exam must be verifiable. If you miss an interim exam or the final for any other reason, you will receive a zero. Grades I will employ a traditional grading scale to assess final grades. (Note that I do not give plus and minus grades.) For your benefit, these will be the cutoffs: 90% Lowest A 80% Lowest B 70% Lowest C 60% Lowest D Below 60% F I reserve the right to curve exams and final grades on a class‐wide basis as I see fit. Course Content As many of you know, the economy has been experiencing significant turbulence and poor performance in recent years. The depressed economic climate has resulted in business failures, millions of unemployed workers, hundreds of billions in new government spending and money expansion, and a charged political landscape. It is quite an interesting time to study macroeconomics! This principles level macroeconomics course begins with a foundation of microeconomic...
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