ECON252 Syllabus Fall 2013


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Unformatted text preview: gh Sapling Learning. I expect to assign about eight homeworks this semester, and will generally give you one week’s notice before each assignment is due. Late homework assignments will not be accepted, and will receive a zero. There will be no dropped homework assignments. Exams The interim exams (multiple choice) will cover only the material presented in each of those sections of the course. The final exam (also multiple choice) will be comprehensive. We will discuss the final exam in greater detail as we near the end of the semester. Do not make travel arrangements until after the final exam schedule is released! Exam Dates and Compensation Days Our two interim exams will be held on the following days: Interim Exam 1 – Thursday, October 3 from 8:00p to 9:30p in ELLIOT 116 Interim Exam 2 – Thursday, November 21 from 8:00p to 9:30p in ELLIOT 116 In order to compensate for the “extra” time spent on these evening exams, we will not meet for class on Thursday, October 10 and Tuesday, November 26. Exam Makeup Policy If you must miss an exam because of participation in a university sponsored trip or activity (documented by a club or team sponsor), an off campus interview (documented by the firm with whom you are interviewing), or because of a con...
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