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ECON252 Syllabus Fall 2013


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Unformatted text preview: an rent a book ($54.49) or get an online textbook ($68.49) at www.cengagebrain.com. I realize this process is a little more cumbersome than going to the bookstore on campus, but it should save you a lot of money. This semester we will use an online homework package facilitated through Sapling Learning. To register, please go to www.saplinglearning.com and create an account using your @purdue.edu email address and enroll yourself in the proper section of ECON252. Use these course codes to enroll: Section 1 (7:30a) ‐ thompson66308 Section 2 (4:30p) ‐ thompson17283 Web: The Blackboard Learn website at mycourses.purdue.edu will be my primary source of communication and exchange of information outside of class. If you are unable to locate an exam grade or you think there is some other error on Blackboard, please email Bree immediately. You are responsible for verifying the grade we have posted for you. Assessment Your grade in this course will be determined by homework assignments, two interim exams, and a final exam. The weights of these categories will be as follows: Homework 20% Interim Exams 20% each (40% total) FINAL Exam 40% Homework The dates and details of the homework assignments will be announced as each approaches. These will be facilitated throu...
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