ANTH240-Nov15 - ANTH240-Nov15 ‘Ubaid Pottery and...

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Unformatted text preview: ANTH240-Nov15 ‘Ubaid Pottery and Statuary-6k-3700BC-first to farm successfully b/w Tigris and Euphrates ‘Ubiad Period-single culture with distinct, powerful cities-covered most of the alluvial plain-each settlement less than 10 ha-quite uniform-ceramic trade-up to 5k BC arrange settlements based on resources-By 4k BC settlements arranged by other factors Key Features by 4k BC-domestication of plants and animals-beginnings of population nucleation in urban settlements-skilled craft production-some degree of widespread sharing of an ideological basis of social order-social differentiation Uruk Period 4100-3000BC-Chalocolothic-Early Bronze Age-first state-level capital city is Mesopotamia-Major trends:-mass production of pottery-the inception of writing at the end of the period-predecessor to the earliest state-first city with clear settlement hierarchy (better homes)-social classes definite...
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ANTH240-Nov15 - ANTH240-Nov15 ‘Ubaid Pottery and...

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