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All the cases are available in the course packet for

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Unformatted text preview: es. All the cases are available in the “Course Packet”, for sale at the Cornell Store. A description of each assignment will be posted on the course’s Blackboard site ahead of time. At the end of this syllabus, you may find the description of assignment for the practice case, “Freemark Abbey Winery”, due on Friday January 31st. “Freemark For all case studies, the team should develop a one page report based on the prompts given For in the description of assignment for the case. The report should be single spaced, with 1” margins, and preferably Times New Roman 12 pt. Please do not exceed the one page limit. Please You are welcome to add any Appendixes you believe would be useful. The names and Cornell email addresses of the two students presenting the report should be printed at the top of the page; along with the title of the case. The report (and appendices) should be hardcopy, and turned in to your TA at the end of class. Important: Please do not copy case wording onto your...
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