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Unformatted text preview: , Dyson School, 4/28 (tentative); Prof. (tentative); Prof. Dale Grossman, Dyson School, 5/2 (tentative). Prof. (tentative) TA office hours Exams Business Case Studies Final Project Evaluation Evaluation 1st Prelim – T 2/25 – 70 pts 2nd Prelim – R 3/27 – 70 pts Seven business case studies – 90 pts Final Group Project; 70 pts Groups of three Deadline for commitment: Friday April 18th Deadline for delivery: Friday May 9th, before noon before Final exam: TBA, 70 pts Extra Credit – Max. 15 pts Extra Max. CALS Career Services Office; 5 pts Possible participation in research projects; 2 pts Participation and attendance viewpoints; 1pt each NOTE: Viewpoints are offered at the discretion of the instructor, NOTE: depending on the class evaluation performance. depending Business Case Studies Business During the course, students will have the opportunity to analyze, in pair teams, up to seven During “Harvard Business School” and one “Ivey School / University of Western Ontario” business cas...
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