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We know what the case says and you have precious

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Unformatted text preview: Important Please report! We know what the case says, and you have precious little space for your recommendation. recommendation. While each specific case has elements of study and analysis that are unique to it, for each While case 40% of the grade (6 pts) will depend on turning the assignment on time with appropriate formatting (4 pts) and on writing quality (0 – 1 – 1½ – 2 points). Also, graders are encouraged to give up to two extrapoints for extraordinary insight or effort, within the boundaries of the case and of the assignment format. case If a student pair team has already missed a case and must miss a second or more, both If student on the team must prove that s/he could not turn in the previous reviews due to extenuating circumstances. These include medical and legal emergencies, or extended absences due to job / internship searches or representation of Cornell University (mostly sports). sports). Calendar of Business Case Study Assignments Calendar Practice Case Study: Freemark Abbey Winery – Due F 1/31 Practice Due Accounti...
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