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AEM1200-0124 ToPost (3)

What are their likely courses of action what are

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Unformatted text preview: ikely courses of action? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Suppliers Relative independence Opportunistic vs. relationship behavior Industry regulation Advocacy groups Trends of the Specific Environment Environment DEPEND OF THE BUSINESS FIRM DEPEND AND THE INDUSTRY/INDUSTRIES IN WHICH IT COMPETES!!! WHICH The Five Factors of Production The Forms of Participation in a Business Enterprise Forms Entrepreneurship An entrepreneur is a person who risks time and An entrepreneur money to start and manage a business money Ownership Personal Institutional Employment Others Customer Supplier Government Business Stakeholders Business Stockholders Bankers Suppliers Government Employees Dealers and retailers Activists and environmentalists Community Customers Etc, etc, etc Corporate social responsibility Corporate Refers to the comprehensive approach that a Refers corporation takes to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations beyond measures of revenue, profit and legal obligation. community investment, community human...
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