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2s r h for the wet populaon r 85 days h2

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Unformatted text preview: each site? •  How would you test whether Swedish and Italian popula:ons are locally adapted? Reciprocal transplant experiment •  Grow plants from Sweden and Italy in common gardens in Sweden and Italy •  Measure life:me fitness for all individuals (survival and seed number) •  Look for “home court advantage” Predic:ng evolu:onary change: the breeders’ equa:on 2S R = h Evolu:onary response Heritability Selec:on differen:al If you know any two terms, you can predict the third A resurrec:on study with wild mustard •  1997: Seeds collected from 2 popula:ons (wet and dry sites) near Irvine, CA in 1997, and stored in the lab. •  2000- 2004: 4 years of El Niño drought, with early soil drying in spring •  2004: Seeds again collected from plants growing in the same sites. •  Seeds from both genera:ons grown together in a common garden in the greenhouse What was t...
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