How would you test whether swedish and italian

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Unformatted text preview: ends.” Charles Darwin, The Voyage of the Beagle (1839) For example: evolu:on of beak size in one of Darwin’s finches Peter and Rosemary Grant 40 years of finch observa:ons by Peter and Rosemary Grant Peter Grant working on Daphne Major. Ahmed F PNAS 2010;107:5703-5705 ©2010 by National Academy of Sciences Beak size is heritable h2 = 0.65 The El Niño drought of 1977! What kind of selec:on would you predict? What was the direc:on of the selec:on differen:al? What was the evolu:onary response? Detec:ng past evolu:onary response to selec:on (adapta:on): Are popula:ons gene:cally different? Common garden experiment Individuals are all in a common environment so varia:on among them must be gene:cally based Are popula:on differences the result of local adapta:on in...
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