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Seventy two of these birds revived sixty four perished

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Unformatted text preview: erimental evolu:on Natural selec:on? Hermon Carey Bumpus " ... on February 1 of the present year (1898), when, aYer an uncommonly severe storm of snow, rain, and sleet, a number of English sparrows were brought to the Anatomical Laboratory of Brown University. Seventy- two of these birds revived; sixty- four perished; ... “ hbp://www.providenceathenaeum.org/frame/snow.html Bumpus, Hermon C. 1898. Eleventh lecture. The elimina:on of the unfit as illustrated by the introduced sparrow, Passer domes:cus. (A fourth contribu:on to the study of varia:on.) Biological Lectures: Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, 209- 225. Was it natural selec:on? What data are missing? The first of many reanalyses of Bumpus’ data… Selec:on differen:al (S):Change in trait mean within a genera:on aYer selec:on Parental genera:on Before selec:on AYer selec:on Was it evolu:on? The first of many reanalyses of Bumpus’ data… What is required for selec:on to cause evolu:onary change? Parental genera:on Before selec:on Evolu:onary response Offspring genera:on AYer selec:on 2) Heritability (h The propor:on of...
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