Temperature dependent tyrosinase allele expression of

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Unformatted text preview: yed white cats are deaf Epistasis: mul2ple genes, one trait Phenotypic effect of allele at one locus depends upon the genotype of the allele at another locus B locus (TYRP1) eumelanin color phenotype E locus (MC1R) directs eumelanin deposi2on in fur Morning glory flower color depends upon interacting genes in the anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway Clegg M T , and Durbin M L PNAS 2000;97:7016-7023 ©2000 by National Academy of Sciences Gene x environment interac2on Temperature- dependent tyrosinase allele Expression of phenylketonuria muta2ons depends upon dietary phenylalanine But can Mendelian gene2cs explain adap2ve evolu2on? •  The Mendelian alleles detected in peas, flies, etc. were muta2ons of major effect expressing discrete phenotypes. •  But many heritable traits under natural selec2on exhibit con2nuous varia2on and may also be influenced by the environment. •  What is the gene2c basis of such traits, and how do they e...
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