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Unformatted text preview: declines with distance from Africa due to serial founder effects Sohini Ramachandran Ramachandran S et al. PNAS 2005;102:15942-15947 ©2005 by National Academy of Sciences Popula>on boalenecks Popula>on boalenecks in Northern elephant seals Complete inbreeding: heterozygosity declines ½ every genera>on Genera>on 1: f(Rr) =0.50 Genera>on 2: f(Rr) = 0.25 Genera>on 3: f(Rr) = 0.125 Genera>on 4: f(Rr) =0.0625 And so on un>l there are no heterozygotes le:.. Inbreeding exposes deleterious recessive alleles (“inbreeding depression”) Important consequences: –  Human gene>c diseases –  Conserving small popula>ons of rare...
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