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Assump6ons next 6me we will see what happens when

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Unformatted text preview: evolu6on in terms of gene6c changes in popula6ons •  Secrets of the gene pool: calcula6ng popula6on gene frequencies and genotype frequencies •  Hardy- Weinberg equilibrium: a null hypothesis –  The baseline for tes6ng whether evolu6on is going on •  Hardy- Weinberg assump6ons –  Next 6me we will see what happens when they are violated What is a popula6on? An interbreeding group of organisms of the same species Individuals, popula6ons, species… •  What does natural selec6on act upon? •  What evolves? •  Does selec6on act for the good of the species? Why study gene6cs of popula6ons? •  Natural selec6on acts upon individuals within popula6ons –  differen6al...
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