A tiny bark beetle b urs through the tree and feed on

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Unformatted text preview: tle b urs through the tree and feed on it. millions of bark b eetles feed on a nd kill the trees - they can't d efend themselves b ecause the dry climate means they are water stressed so they can't produce sap which is their main defense 3 Climate Change 2 8 March Study of caterpillars on pine trees in Spain b efore warming their distribution was only 1 600meters b ecause they couldn't handle the cold but b ecause of warming they were able to move up the mountain and the pine trees were suceptible to the caterpillars b ecause they h ad not p reviously coevolved with them Study of caterpillars on pine trees in Spain Before warming During warming 4 Climate Change 2 d r. spiller got h is data from NOAH sea surface temp has b een higher than that of 2 0 years ago, which means h urricanes are more frequent a nd worse. 8 March Impact of hurricanes on food webs in the Bahamas Conclusions: Herbivory increases markedly following hurricanes Causal mechanisms: Higher susceptibility of plants to herbivores Reduction in predator abundances Seaweed deposition 5...
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