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Unformatted text preview: the following circumstances : – If they can inexpensive switch to competing brands or substitutes, – If they are particularly important to the seller, – If sellers are struggling in the face of falling consumer demand, – If they are well informed about sellers’ products, prices, and costs, and SOURCES OF EXTERNAL INFORMATION A. Information is Available from Both Published and Unpublished Sources 1. Unpublished sources include customer surveys, market research, speeches at professional and shareholders’ meetings, television programs, interviews, and conversations with stakeholders. 2. Published sources of strategic information include periodicals, journals, reports, government documents, abstracts, books, directories, newspapers, and manuals. SOURCES OF EXTERNAL INFORMATION B. Internet 1.Millions of people today use on-line services for both business and personal purposes. 2.The Internet offers consumers and businesses a widening range of services and information resources from all over the world. FORECASTING TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES A. Forecasts 1. Forecasts are educated assumptions about future trends and events. 2. Forecasting is a complex activity due...
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