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Unformatted text preview: g of an industry and its competitors, (2) to identify areas in which competitors are vulnerable and to assesses the impact strategic actions would have on competitors, and (3) to identify potential moves that a competitor might make that would endanger a firm’s position in the market. 3. Unethical tactics such as bribery, wiretapping, and computer break-ins should never be used to obtain information. Cooperation Among Competitors • Strategies that stress cooperation among competitors are being used more. For example, Lockheed recently teamed up with British Aerospace PLC to compete against Boeing Company to develop the next generation U.S. fighter jet. • The idea of joining forces with a competitor is not easily accepted by Americans, who often view cooperation and partnerships with skepticism and suspicion. Indeed, joint ventures and cooperative arrangements among competitors demand a certain amount of trust to combat paranoia about whether one firm will injure the other. Market Commonality and Resource Similarity 1. Competitors are firms that...
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