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Unformatted text preview: mpetitive strategies. Increasing global competition accents the need for accurate political, governmental, and legal forecasts. • Local, state, and federal laws, regulatory agencies, and special interest groups can have a major impact on the strategies of small, large, forprofit, and nonprofit organizations. TECHNOLOGICAL FORCES • Technological Forces Play a Key Role. The Internet is changing the very nature of opportunities and threats by altering the life cycles of products, increasing the speed of distribution, creating new products and services, erasing limitations of traditional geographic markets, and changing the historical trade-off between production standardization and flexibility. • To effectively capitalize on information technology, a number of organizations are establishing two new positions in their firms: chief information officer (CIO) and chief technology officer (CTO). COMPETITIVE FORCES A. An Awareness of Competitive Forces is Essential for Success 1. The top five U.S. competitors in four different industries are identified...
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