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ANTH240-Oct16 - years ago with the appearance of Achuelian...

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ANTH240-Oct16 Language -same questions When? With which species? Where? Why did it appear? Language is: -symbolic -infinitively expansive -fast -efficient -can communicate thoughts -abstractions Biology of Language Archaeology of Language -Tools If the same cognitive processes needed to generate utterances, words, and phrases that are needed to visualize and make stone tools, then laugnuage is in place 500k
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Unformatted text preview: years ago with the appearance of Achuelian tools Noam Chomsky says that the area in the brain that houses the grammar of language and tool making-social behavior-19060s: man-the-hunter-1970s: food sharing, small group living “gossip model”-1980s: nuclear family-Art-upper Paleolithic culture explosion-50k-35k years ago...
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