ANTH240-Oct18 - ANTH240-Oct18 Upper Paleolithic-35k-10k...

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ANTH240-Oct18 Upper Paleolithic -35k-10k B efore P resent -“cultural revolution” -anatomically modern humans -increased Rate of Change -art -blade tool technology -new mediums for Tools -new technologies -new artifact types -atlatl -broader subsistence base -change in site type -domestication of the dog -long-distance procurement of raw materials -elaborate burials -systematic mass hunting of Herd animals -global migration Climate -40k-30k BP: warmer period, less megafauna -after 30k BP: beginning of glacial period -18k-16kBP: glacial maximum -after 16k BP: Tardiglacial -after 13K BP: abrupt break in glacial conditions -10kBP: end of Pleistocene, new environments Hunter/Gatherer Subsistence Strategies -living off naturally occurring resources exclusively -99% of the time humans have existed they have been hunter/gatherers -ways we can study this phenomenon -archaeologically -historically
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-contemporary groups Leisure -“original affluent society” -studies of the San people of South Africa: -5 hours a day gathering what they need to live in reasonably good life and health
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ANTH240-Oct18 - ANTH240-Oct18 Upper Paleolithic-35k-10k...

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