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Unformatted text preview: ients listed below. You’d like to mix these together in your cauldron, heat the cauldron over a fire to evaporate off excess water, and make 100 g of a liquid potion containing 27 wt% toe of frog, 22 wt% eye of newt, and 11 wt% wool of bat. How many grams from each flask should you add to your cauldron? How many grams of water should you evaporate off? Flask A, wt% Flask B, wt% Flask C. wt% 10 0 50 Eye of newt 0 30 0 Wool of bat 40 0 10 Water 50 70 40 Toe of frog 5. As a part of the process of producing sugar crystals from sugar cane, raw sugar cane juice is sent to a series of three evaporators to remove water. The sugar cane juice, which is 85 wt% water, is fed to the first evaporator at 10,000 lb/h. Equal amounts of water are removed in each evaporator. The concentrated juice out of the last evaporator is 40 wt% water. Calculate: a. The flow rate of concentrated juice out of the last evaporator b. The amount of water removed in each evaporator c. The concentration of water in the juice fed into th...
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