ANTH240-Oct25 - ANTH240-Oct25 Peopling the New...

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ANTH240-Oct25 Peopling the New World/Agriculture Types of Evidence Biological -physical -dental Teeth preserve easily Easy to identify through DNA Dental features change frequently (easier to identify changes over time Shoveling (scoop shape in teeth), shape of molars and molar roots: show clear North China ancestry for modern civilization New world groups more like asian groups 3 clusters of tooth morphology in Americas: Aluits and inuits (most northern areas) Northwest pacific coast Entire rest of two continents -genetic Original colonization 34-17k years ago of Americas Linguistic -Amerind, Eskaleut, Na-Dene 3 distinct language types in Americas (followed dental records in spread over Americas) -Amerind first migrated first, most prolific and widespread (pre 11k years ago) -Na-Dene second in Pacific Northwest (9-5k years ago) -Eskaleut most recent (4k years ago) -new evidence shows more specific languages and colonization in Americas Archaeological -northern Asia -before 40k years ago, Siberia had a very low pop. Density
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ANTH240-Oct25 - ANTH240-Oct25 Peopling the New...

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