C the ancestral group is often identified by out

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Unformatted text preview: following is an important difference between natural selection and genetic drift? A. Natural selection involves changes in allele frequencies in a population, while genetic drift does not. B. Natural selection relies on underlying genetic variation as its source, while genetic drift does not. C. Natural selection is random, while genetic drift is not. D. Natural selection involves differences in fitness, while genetic drift does not. E. There are no important differences between natural selection and genetic drift. 7. Which of the following BEST represents mosaic evolution? A. B. C. D. E. 8. Phenotypic similarities that arose in different lineages Variation in the rates of growth of different body parts within a species. Variation in rates of evolution of characters within a group Mutation rate that indexes time of divergence among groups Distantly related groups used as a comparison in a phylogeny Which of the following statements is true about a phylogeny, as represented by a phylogenetic tree? A. Descendant groups (branches) from the same node do not necessarily share any derived characters. B. A monophyletic group can be...
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